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  Hi-Pot Tester series
  DU-3282 Multi channel Real-time Open Check Hi-Pot Tester
  DU-3200 Programmable Hi-Pot Tester
  DU-3280 Multi channel Hi-Pot Tester
  DU-3101 Hi-Pot Tester
  DU-3111 Real-time Open Check Hi-Pot Tester
  DU-3900 High Voltage Meter
  Transformer Test System
  DU-7121 20 channel High-speed Transformer Test System
  DU-7131 80 channel High-speed Transformer Test System
  DU-7151 96 channel High-speed Transformer Test System
  LCR Meter series
  DU-6131 10KHzLCR Meter
  DU-6132 100KHz LCR Meter
  DU-6135 200KHz LCR Meter
  DU-6136 200KHz LCR Meter (Programmable)
  Low-Ohm Meter series
  DU-5130 DCR 0.01mΩ ~200KΩ 
  DU-5131 DCR 0.001mΩ ~2MΩ
  DU-5132 DCR 0.001mΩ ~2MΩ 14ms
  Capacitance testing series
  DU-2156 500V19mA
  DU-2157 650V19mA
  DU-9001 Electrolytic capacitor test & scanningsystem with leakage current test

   Delta United, established in 1998, specializes in R & D, manufacturing and sale of testing instrument. It boasts lots of technical breakthrough in component testing and electronic safety testing. We strive to provide customers with excellent design, top precision & reliability and best customer service.
Our Objective
INNOVATE, DETAILED, RELIABLE. Providing a new choice for the electronics business.
Our Summary
DELTA UNITED was established by a group of ideal electronics professional engineers. Everyone shares his experiences, ideas, and originalities in the professional areas and combines with each other. In order to create the most suitable for property needs instruments with humanity and expect to promote the industry to make more beneficial result.
Our Aim
In the future, we will put the concentrated on research and development the instrument about more humanity and more conform to the ages. We expect to offer everyone the service with professional and perfect as far as we could.
Patent And Certificate
Delta United strive to deliver our best solution to our customers. We set high standards in everything we do. We strive towards the goal of excellent customer satisfaction by providing the right products and services.
Transformer Tester
LCR Meter
Capacitor Leakage Current Mete
High Voltage Meter

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