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  Hi-Pot Tester series
  DU-3282 Multi channel Real-time Open Check Hi-Pot Tester
  DU-3200 Programmable Hi-Pot Tester
  DU-3280 Multi channel Hi-Pot Tester
  DU-3101 Hi-Pot Tester
  DU-3111 Real-time Open Check Hi-Pot Tester
  DU-3900 High Voltage Meter
  Transformer Test System
  DU-7121 20 channel High-speed Transformer Test System
  DU-7131 80 channel High-speed Transformer Test System
  DU-7151 96 channel High-speed Transformer Test System
  LCR Meter series
  DU-6131 10KHzLCR Meter
  DU-6132 100KHz LCR Meter
  DU-6135 200KHz LCR Meter
  DU-6136 200KHz LCR Meter (Programmable)
  Low-Ohm Meter series
  DU-5130 DCR 0.01mΩ ~200KΩ 
  DU-5131 DCR 0.001mΩ ~2MΩ
  DU-5132 DCR 0.001mΩ ~2MΩ 14ms
  Capacitance testing series
  DU-2156 500V19mA
  DU-2157 650V19mA
  DU-9001 Electrolytic capacitor test & scanningsystem with leakage current test

Output Voltage
Cutoff Current
IR testt (Option)
Scan Test
AC: 0 ~ 5000V / DC: 0 ~ 6000V
AC: 0.01mA ~ 15.00mA / DC: 0.01mA ~ 7.50mA
DC: 100V ~ 1000V / 1 ~9999 MΩ
8 Ports ± phase
Large LCD Display Window for Setups and Test Values
Output Frequency 50/60 HZ Selectable
All Initial Default Function Setting scan be Changed Easily to Fit Requirement
Easy Manual Driven with Cursor Guiding Operation Mode
Battery Backup Function will Recall theTest Parameter Settings before Power off
Large Memory (100 sets) for Setup Steps & Parameters
Each Memory offers 9 steps of different Test Parameters
Test mode: Single Step, Multiple Steps (Step by Step), Test Circle Number or Continuous Test are

DU333 is designed for Multi-point Scan Test
DU331/DU332 can perform Multi - point Test when used with Scan Box DU330

Model DU-331 DU-332 DU-333
Output Voltage AC: 0~5000V AC: 0~5000V / DC: 0~6000V
Output Current 0.5mA~15mA 0.5mA~15mA / DC: 0.5mA~7.5mA
IR testt(Option) ----- DC:100~1000V, 1~9999W
Scan Test ----- ----- 8 Ports ±phase
Output Voltage AC: 0 ~ 5,000V / DC: 0 ~ 6,000V. Digital setting (4 digits),
10V/ step, adjustable with < / > keys
Voltage Regulation ≦1%+5V
Waveform&Frequency Sine Wave 50Hz/60Hz selectable
Voltmeter Accuracy 4 digits, ±1 % of reading +5 digits
Output Current AC : 0.01mA ~ 15.00mA, DC: 0.01mA ~ 7.5mA
Current Meter Accuracy 4 digits, ±(1.5% of reading +5 digits)
Arc Detection Functio 0.5mA ~ 15mA(DC0.5mA ~ 7.5mA) 0.01mA/Steps. (0.0mA is OFF)
Test Time 0.5 ~ 999.9 Sec ( ±20 mS), 0.1sec / Steps. (0.0 sec is OFF)
Ramp up Time 0.1 ~ 999.9 Sec ( ±20 mS), 0.1sec/Steps. (0.0 sec is OFF)
PASS/FAIL Judgement Windows comparator system
HI-limit: 0.10-15.00mA, Digital setting (4 digits), 0.01mA/Steps
LO-limit: 0.05-7.50mA, Digital setting (4 digits), 0.01mA/Steps
Arc Detection: 0.5mA-15mA (0.5-7.50mA), 0.01mA/Steps
(LO-limit & Arc Detection setting 0.0mA is OFF)
Judgement Accuracy ±(1% of setting + 50 mA)
Insulation Resistance Test (Option for DU332/DU333 only)
Measuring Voltage DC: 100 ~ 1,000V, Digital setting, 10V/steps.
Voltmeter Accuracy 4 digits, ±1 % of reading +5 digits
Measuring Range 1 ~ 9,999 MW
Current Meter Accuracy 4 digits, ±(1.5% of reading +5 digits)
Measuring Accuracy ≧500V:1-1000MW, ±5% of reading
≧500V:1001-9999MW, ±15% of reading
< 500V : 1 ~ 200MW, ±10% of reading
< 500V : 201 ~ 1,000MW, ± 15% of reading
Judgement Waiting time 0.1 ~ 999.9 Sec ( ± 20 mS), 0.1sec / Steps
PASS/FAIL Judgement Windows comparator system.
Both HI and LO limit values can be set with the measuring range.
Note: When the lower limit value is greater than 2000 MW, a judgement waiting time of 1.0 second or more is necessary
Judgement Accuracy Same as measurina accuracy
Test Time 0.5 to 999.9 sec.( ±20ms ), 0.1sec/Steps.(0.0 sec is OFF)
Test Modes
Auto Test Up to 9 test steps with different test parameters
Single Test Execution withstanding voltage test or insulation resistance test.
Auto Scanning Test Linked with Model DU330 Scan Box, it performs auto test for objects having two or more points. (Optional Scanner Interface and Box are required)
Output Power Source Protection Function
Fast Output Cut off < 0.4ms
Panel Operation Lock YES
Power On Data Rally YES
Reset Protection Key YES
Other Function
Display 240x64 Dot Graphic LCM, CFL back light display
Signal Output PASS, FAIL, and TEST with relay contact signal
Data Hold YES
Judgement Result Display PASS/ FAIL and Alarm
Memory Storage 01 to 99, 99 sets of memory, each set of memory includes 9 steps
Remote Control

9 Pins D-type connector, TEST/RESET/RMT_ENABLE

Interlock Function The test voltage cannot be generated unless the interlock input terminal is short-circuited
Ambient Temperature and Relative Humidity
Specifications range 5 to 35°C(41 to 95 F), 20 to 80%RH
Operable range 0 to 40°C(32 to 104 F), 20 to 80%RH
Storage range -20 to 70°C(4 to 158 F), ≦80%RH
Power Requirement
Line Voltage A: 90 ~ 110V B: 104 ~ 125V C: 194 ~ 236V D: 207 ~ 250V
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
Power Consumpt

When no-load: < 70VA  When with Rated Load: >300VA

Insulation Resistance ≧30MW, with 500V DC
Withstanding Voltage 1,000VAC, for 1 minute
DU-331/DU-332 365(W) x 105(H) x 350(D) mm
DU-333 365(W )x 165(H) x 350(D) mm
DU-331: Approx. 10kg   DU-332: Approx. 11kg   DU-333: Approx. 15kg
Operation Manual, Power cord, High test lead wire / 1 meter long, 2A Fuse/fast blow(in fuse holder), Certificate of calibration
Order Information
DU-331 Innovative Programmable Hi-Pot Tester (AC)
DU-332 Innovative Programmable Hi-Pot Tester (AC/DC/IR)
DU-333 Innovative Programmable Hi-Pot Tester (AC/DC/IR/ 8ch Scan)
DU-330 8ch Scan Box
Standard Fittings
Fx33-0101 HV test lead wires
Fx33-0102 HV test lead wires
Optional Accessories
Fx33-0301 HV test bat
Cr33-RS00 RS-232 interface
Cr33-SC00 Scan interface for Scan box DU-330
Of33-IR00 Insulation Resistance Test ( Option for DU-332 / DU-333 only )


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