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Real-time Open Check of the alarm and signal output of no contact signal
3 in 1 tester with AC, DC, IR functions ( IR function is optional for DU3316 only)
ARC Detction:
 DU3315A /DU3316A Standard function
40 x 4 LCD text display
Fast cut-off time : 0.4ms
5 sets of memory, 3 steps for each memory

Model DU-3315A DU-3316A
Real tame Chack Ck-L~Ck-H <4kΩ ,
Can connect to determine the signal and the output signal
Withstanding Volta
Output Voltage AC: 0.10~5000V AC: 0.10~5000V / DC: 0.10~6000V
Load Regulation 1% + 5V
Voltage Resolution 10V
Voltage Accuracy 1.5% + 5V
Cutoff Current AC: 0.10mA ~ 12.00mA AC: 0.10mA ~ 12.00mA DC:0.10mA ~ 5.00mA
Current Resolution 0.01mA ~ 12.00(5.00) mA / 10µA
Current Accuracy 1.5% + 5counts
Output Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Test Time 0.3 ~ 999.9 sec , continue
Ramp up Time 0.1 ~ 999.9 sec , off
Wave Form Sine wave
PASS/FAIL Judgement
Comparator Mode Window comparator system
Indication Display PASS/FAIL and Alarm
ARC Detection
Setting Mode Programmable setting
Detection Current AC: 1.0mA ~ 12.0mA , DC: 1.0mA ~ 5.0mA
Insulation Resist (Option)
Output Voltage DC: 100 ~ 1,000V
Voltage Resolution 10V
Voltage Accuracy 2% + 5 V
IR Range 10 ~ 2,000 MΩ
IR Accuracy ≧5 00V : 3 % + 2 counts, < 500V : 7 % + 2 counts
Data Hold Last test data memory before power off
Step 3 steps for each memory
Key Lock Execution withstanding voltage test or insulation resistance test.
Memory store 5 sets
LCD Display 4 x 40 LCD Display
Remote Control TEST / RESET remote control
Signal Output PASS / FAIL / TEST with relay contact
Power Requirement 115V/230V AC, 50/60Hz
Accessories HV Test lead wires, Power Cord, Operation Manual, Certificate of Calibration
Dimensions 270(W) x 90(H) x 380(D) mm
Weight 6.7 kg 7.2 kg
Order Information
DU-3315A Real-time Open Check Hi-Pot Tester (AC)
DU-3316A Real-time Open Check Hi-Pot Tester (AC/DC/IR)
Standard Fittings
Fx33-0101 HV test lead wires
Fx33-0102 HV test lead wires
Optional Accessories
Of33-IR00 Insulation Resistance Test (Option for DU-3316 only)
Fx33-0301 HV test bat

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