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Advanced technical
 Using ARM system and high speed CPU to provided highest data calculation speed in the same products
High quality
 The ISO9001 certification and China measurement certification of our factory
 Using famous brand of SMD components to provided stable quality
User friendly guided interface
 We have over 10 years experience on test and measurement instrument, the user friendly guided software
  interface make your learning curve most shortly on the same function units.
Main component-Relay
 Using the high quality miniature relay imported from Japan, provided high speed response and long MTBF.
 The Relay Check function of DU-72XX provided self-check of each relay, it can be easy to diagnosis and repair.
Automation control and test data collection standby
 Provided Handler interface fully support automation control in PLC.
 The RS-232C interface can be sanded test data to PC via Data Collection Software, and saved in MS-Excel
 readable data format.
 Provided 4 sets of trigger signal, each level(scanner board) can be trigger independent on TEST/RESET.
Largest color LCD display screen
 The 800*600 color LCD display, all test items can be show on the one screen.
 Provided screen saver mode, to extend LCD life time.
Cover up free upgrade
 DU-72XX provided USB drive mode to upgrade the firmware, no more need cover up when upgrade
  test program.
DC Bias Current
Built-in 1~1000 mA programmable DC Bias in current

Model DU-7200
Test Item Turn Ratio、Phase、L、Q、D、θ 、ACR、Cp、DCR、Zx
Test Voltage Turn Ratio : 0.1V ~ 10V, ±10%, Resolution : 100mV ±5%
Other : 0.01V ~ 2.00V,±10%, Resolution : 100mV ±5%
Test Frequency Turn Ratio : 1KHz ~ 200KHz,±0.02%
Other : 20Hz ~ 200KHz,±0.02%
Internal  Impedance Turn Ratio : 10Ω , ±5% , when level < 2V ,
---------------- 50Ω , ±5% , when level > 2V
Other :
Mode 1… 100Ω, ±5%
Mode 2…Varies as range resistor,±5%
Display Range L、LK : 0.0001 μH ~ 1999.9H
C : 0.0001 pF ~ 199.99 mF
Q : 0.01 ~ 1999.9
Z、R : 0.0001 Ω ~ 99.999 MΩ
DCR : 0.01 mΩ ~ 99.999 MΩ
Pin Short : 4 ports, each port 11 pairs, between pin to pin
Turn : 0.01 ~ 1999.9 turns (Secondary voltage less than 100Vrms)
Test accuracy Turn Ratio / DCR : ± 0.5% , at 1KHz Basic
L / C / R : ± 0.1%(at 1KHz/1V Basic)
Test Speed Fast: 20ms , Medium: 100ms , Slow:500ms

PASS / FAIL judgment of all test parameters
PASS/FAIL judgment output from standardI/O interface

Display screen 8 inch 800 x 600 dot-matrix TFT LCD display
Memory INT. : 100 memory EXT. : USB 400memory.
Internal DC Bias Current
Built-in 1~1000 mA programmable DC Bias in current
Interface Cr72-RSHD : RS232/HANDLER combinatorial interface
Correction Open / Short zeroing, Load correction, Load calibration
Others torage: Temperature :0℃ ~ 40℃、Humidity :10% ~ 90% RH
Power Consumption: >100 VA max.
Power Requirement: 100 ~ 120 Vac / 198 ~ 242 Vac, 48 ~ 62Hz
Dimension: Approx. 9 kg
Weight: (WxHxD) : 380 x 170 x 360 mm

Order Information
L.C.R.Z. Analyzer
Standard Fittings
Turn Ratio Test clips

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