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For electrolytic capacitor complex tests records the work, careful planning become simple, fast and reliable testing process, to reduce the risk of human errors and reduce staff

Fast test recording scheme for the test and life test of electrolytic capacitor
 A simple and fast 3 steps to complete the work of a number of complex test copy inpu

The 10 capacitor - LC→C/D→Z/R in order to automatically scan test improve the test reliability and test efficiency
Each test channel can be opened / short circuit return to zero with high precision.
Wide range scan box can be used to test 3mm~35mm 10 capacitors
Suitable for high voltage capacitance test, 450V330uF 10 capacitors can be smooth test

Record report
Test results into any Excel report, the user can edit the report test results directly to the test results into the report
Automatic backup test report, can specify the backup location and search for stored information

Model DU-9001
Instrument DU-6219 DU-2316
C/D , Z/R
Measurement Range
requencies: 40Hz~200KHz, 30 Points Selectable
Test Voltage: 0.01V~1.00V
Test Voltage Capacitance range
300 ~ 450V ≤330uF
160 ~ 250V ≤470uF
63 ~ 100V ≤1200uF
50V ≤3300uF
35V ≤4700uF
25V ≤6300uF
6.3 ~ 16V ≤10000uF
Test operation
Set up by Teat System Cap software, set the data to be stored in the Excel and can be directly imported from the Excel file.
Test speed
Testing 10 products Lc+C/D+Z/R about 35 seconds + charging time
Scan group number
Test values for each of the 10 groups, a single Excel file can be recorded 40 times
Test model
LC→ LCR / LCR → LC / LCR / LC 4 test modes selectable
Test time
Time 40 ~ 1, each test 10 capacitors, the 40 can be recorded in the same Excel file
Report format
Support for the Sample file format, which is attached to the software by the user. The test will be carried out and the test results are returned.
Current Range
2mA, 20mA, 200mA, 2mA,
20mA,5 Ranges full scale
Automatic backup
Can specify the file folder in the storage of automatic backup file
Search function

Can search the file and import program

Order Information


Composition content of automatic test and record system for electrolytic capacitor:
1 DU6219+RS485 card applied to test CAP/DF/ESR/Z
2 DU2316+RS485 card applied to test LC
3 DU1020 connection box for connecting D219-DU2316-DU1020-PC
4 DU1021 10 channel scanning box test box with 10 capacitors
5 of90-SC11 scan test software test program support XP/Win 7 system
6 PC one set can be prepared by the customer itself or entrust us to buy on behalf of the need
  to configure XP or Win7 system need to prepare more than Excel 2007 version
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