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  Hi-Pot Tester series
  DU-3282 Multi channel Real-time Open Check Hi-Pot Tester
  DU-3200 Programmable Hi-Pot Tester
  DU-3280 Multi channel Hi-Pot Tester
  DU-3101 Hi-Pot Tester
  DU-3111 Real-time Open Check Hi-Pot Tester
  DU-3900 High Voltage Meter
  Transformer Test System
  DU-7121 20 channel High-speed Transformer Test System
  DU-7131 80 channel High-speed Transformer Test System
  DU-7151 96 channel High-speed Transformer Test System
  LCR Meter series
  DU-6131 10KHzLCR Meter
  DU-6132 100KHz LCR Meter
  DU-6135 200KHz LCR Meter
  DU-6136 200KHz LCR Meter (Programmable)
  Low-Ohm Meter series
  DU-5130 DCR 0.01mΩ ~200KΩ 
  DU-5131 DCR 0.001mΩ ~2MΩ
  DU-5132 DCR 0.001mΩ ~2MΩ 14ms
  Capacitance testing series
  DU-2156 500V19mA
  DU-2157 650V19mA
  DU-9001 Electrolytic capacitor test & scanningsystem with leakage current test

Test Item
Transformer Tester
 Inductance, Q factor, Leakage Inductance, AC Resistance, Capacitance, DC Resistance, Balance,
 Turn ratio, Open/Short check
Advance Technology
 Used high speed CPU & A/D with ARM system, provide high speed data calculation
High Quality
 ■ With ISO9001 & CMC certifications in our factory
 ■ Fully Used SMD component, provided high quality product to you
 ■ All main components in international famous brand
 ■ Using high speed response miniature relays imported form Japan, provide long MTBF
 ■ DU7200 series provided self-scan function in relay & scanning box, easy to maintain
DC Bias (Current)
 Built-in 1~1000mA programmable DC Bias in current
Easy to use
 User friendly interface, guiding software with 8 soft key, easy to input test setup data.
 With English/Chinese language display interface. Text and background color change allow as you need.
Fully Automation Support
 ■ Built-in handler interface, easy to control when you setup automation tes system
 ■ Built-in RS-232C port and provide PC software to collect test data to analysis, easy to exchange to MS
  Excel data format
 ■ Independent Scan I/O signal Provide 4 sets independent PASS/FAIL signal, easy to control for judgement
One page show
 DU7200 series provide 800*600 colorful LCD display screen, you can read test data in one page Older tester
 used 320*240 small screen, when you setup test data or read test result, you need change page over and over
 again, difficult to learn and operating. And, it was limited under 4 sets primary coil.
 DU7200 series using coil winding in basic unit when setup, no more primary coil sets limit, and show all test
 result data in one page screen(100 test data in one page), with in 800*600 color display, you can easier to
 setup test data and mark failure item(s).
USB firmware Upgrade
 DU7200 series provided the USB upgrade for firmware, no cover open, no tool, just USB drive, saving
  maintenance cost and increase effective.Via Internet, our R&D team always stand by your side.

Model DU-7121
Test Item Turn Ratio、L、Q、Leakage L、ACR、Cp、
DCR、Zx、Pin Short、Balance
Test Voltage Turn Ratio : 0.1V ~ 10V, ±10%, Resolution : 100mV ±5%
Other : 0.01V ~ 2.5V,±10%, Resolution : 100mV ±5%
Test Frequency Turn Ratio : 1KHz ~ 200KHz,±0.02%
Other : 20Hz ~ 200KHz,±0.02%
Internal  Impedance Turn Ratio : 10Ω , ±5% , when level < 2V ,
---------------- 50Ω , ±5% , when level > 2V
Other :
Mode 1… 100Ω, ±5%
Mode 2…Varies as range resistor,±5%
Display Range L、LK : 0.0001 μH ~ 1999.9H
C : 0.0001 pF ~ 199.99 mF
Q : 0.01 ~ 1999.9
Z、R : 0.0001 Ω ~ 99.999 MΩ
DCR : 0.01 mΩ ~ 99.999 MΩ
Pin Short : 4 ports, each port 11 pairs, between pin to pin
Turn : 0.01 ~ 1999.9 turns (Secondary voltage less than 100Vrms)
Test accuracy Turn Ratio / DCR : ± 0.5% , at 1KHz Basic
L / C / R : ± 0.1%(at 1KHz/1V Basic)
Test Speed Fast: 20ms , Medium: 100ms , Slow:500ms

PASS / FAIL judgment of all test parameters
PASS/FAIL judgment output from standardI/O interface

Display screen 8 inch 800 x 600 dot-matrix TFT LCD display
Memory INT. : 100 memory EXT. : USB 400memory.
Internal DC Bias Current
Built-in 1~1000 mA programmable DC Bias in current (Option)
HANDLER Standard handler interface included
RS232 RS-232C interface included
Correction Open / Short zeroing, Load correction, Load calibration
Others torage: Temperature :0℃ ~ 40℃、Humidity :10% ~ 90% RH
Power Consumption: >100 VA max.
Power Requirement: 100 ~ 120 Vac / 198 ~ 242 Vac, 48 ~ 62Hz
Dimension: Approx. 9 kg
Weight: (WxHxD) : 380 x 170 x 360 mm

For RJ-45 LAN jack with filters, and LAN filter or test point over 20 points
20 test points, transformer scanning tester
Scan box With DU-7006 scan box
LCR meter function
Test point 20 pins
Contact 4 – terminal contact
Fixture 5mm pitch, 20 pins, test fixture
Pushing device Pneumatic/ Manual
Trigger Remote control START/STOP, Foot Swiech Control START
Indicator PASS / FAIL
Signal PASS / FAIL
Weight Approx. 3.5kg
Dimension Dimension (WxHxD) : 270 x 60 x 180 mm



Order Information
High-speed Transformer Test System
20 pins Transformer Scan Test Box
Standard Fittings
Turn Ratio Test clips
Foot control switch
Optional Accessories
1A DC Bias Current
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